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 Posting images on forum with internal image hosting

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PostSubject: Posting images on forum with internal image hosting   Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:48 pm

Here is a small tutorial how to post images on forum.

First reply in the thread you want to post. Then click on icon Host an Image.

After this it will be new window opened.
ANd you have to click on Datei Auswählen ( select the file if you got in English)

Now you have to find the file on your computer and choose the file you want to share on forum.
When you are done click on Send ( senden) to send the file on hosting server.

After this the window will change and you can see some coding.Like here:

Copy the code in the middle. It will be named Bild or Picture depend in what language you windows works.
After you copy this just paste the code in the place in thread you want this picture appear. And post it! I hope this can help you.

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Posting images on forum with internal image hosting
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